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I built a home
                            for you
                    for me

        ...until it disappeared
                                           from me
                                 from you
This quote does not exist.
We're crooked souls trying to stay up straight.


My Names Been Places I've Never Been, Spoken At Events I'd Never Attend && Rolled Of B.tches Tongues That Was Never My Friend.

Tallahasse: More?
Columbus: No
Columbus: No more for me
Columbus: One and done, I always say.
Columbus: I said that once..


I came into this world covered in someone elses blood and screaming, let me tell you, I ain't afraid to leave it the same way.

Oh what a waste of a perfectly good clean wrist ❤
The Letter. THE CHANGE.  The Lie.

Chapter 78:       July 8 
*Mia's POV*

 "Flight  25A is now loading." 
"I'm sorry, I'm going to be a couple minutes late."
"No, I know I had my tickets reserved for that seat!"
"Mommy! Look!"
The sounds of the airport droned on around me as Liam and I waited for Louis and Katia. My foot bounced nervously on the cheap carpet as I chewed on the inside of my lip. I stared out the window and watched as rain gently fell to the ground. It had been raining here since late last night, but it looked like it was going to clear off later in the afternoon.
I heard Liam mentioning something about grabbing a cup of coffee and nodded. I didn't know if he was bringing me back a cup or not, and, though I normally would of loved the gesture, right then I was hoping he wouldn't because I knew I would be too nervous to actually drink it.
Ever since Niall's and my conversation the morning before that was all I could think about. It replayed over and over in my head like a bad movie, and no matter what I did I couldn't get it to stop. I spent the entire day yesterday trying to come up with a way that this would all work out, but I couldn't; my only options were either keep my promise to Niall, or break that promise -and trust- and be the friend Katia expects of me. I hung my head in my hands; it was pounding at the internal battle taking place.
"I think Katia and Louis's plane just landed," Liam said walking up behind me. I looked up at him from my seat. He was watching people walk by as he took a sip of his hot caffeinated drink and suddenly I wished he brought me one.
I didn't have much time to dwell on it because in just a matter of minutes I saw my best friend walking towards us. She was wearing a pair of dark wash capris with a shirt I had never seen her wear before, so it was safe to assume it was something of Louis's. They were laughing at some unknown thing and their interlocked hands swung slightly between them.
Liam started walking over to them and I got up and followed him. A single thought ran through my head as I walked to them with a semi-fake smile painted across my face: was I going to tell her?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry had to split into two parts!
The Letter. THE CHANGE.  The Lie.

Chapter 78:       July 8 
*Mia's POV*

 *A couple hours later*
"Mia, it was just perfect." Katia finished her story of how her weekend went. We were sitting in her room at Harry's talking about the time she was away. I had helped her unpack and listened as she gushed about her anniversary trip.
I looked over and saw how utterly happy she was, and she seemed to be almost glowing. I gave her a half smile and said, "Thats great. I'm glad you had such a great time."
"Yeah," her word faded out as she looked at me cautiously. "Are you okay? You seem off."
"I'm fine," I lied. "just tired. I've been staying over at Niall's a lot recently so Milo's been keeping me up."
"Milo? Or Niall?" she teased, raising her eyebrows suggestively. I rolled my eyes as she laughed at her own joke.
"'Cause you're in such a position to talk!" I teased back. "Who was the person that just went on a romantic trip with their boyfriend? If anything I should be the one worried about mini-Louis's running around."
Her laughter died down a bit after my ending comment and she shifted her gaze, avoiding looking at me. She was smiling nervously and my eyes instantly widened to the size of saucers.
"Do I need to worry about that?" my voice instantly lowered to a whisper even though there was no need for it. Soon after Katia got back, Harry left to go hang out with some friend of his.
"Nooo!!!" she exclaimed right away. Her voice lowered a couple volumes as she continued. "But you almost did."
"Katia Marie Thompson!"
"Hey! Nothing happened, so you don't have to freak out," she attempted to calm me down.
I looked at her like I was her mother, which I felt like at the moment. While she thought I was disappointed and upset that something almost happened, really I was just upset with how much she liked him when I knew he was keeping something from her.
"are you mad at me?" Katia asked, almost defensively. She was sitting up straight with her arms crossed over her chest, and there was an edge to the tone of her voice.
"No, it's just..." 
"just....?" she prompted me after almost thirty seconds.
I sighed and glanced down at the necklace Niall gave me for Christmas. "I learned something while you were gone, about Lou."
Rolling her eyes she said, "where did you here it from? Please don't tell me..."
"from Niall," I interrupted her. "I asked Niall about the phone call."
"what did he say?"
"not much. Just that Louis has a big secret he's not telling you, and that most of the guys think he should. Niall said he says he will but he doesn't believe he will anytime soon."
Her facial expression went blank as what I just said soaked in. She sat back and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as I assume a million thoughts ran through her head. No one said a word and I started to almost regret telling her, but she deserved to know. Right?
"What do you think it is?" Katia's voice was barely a whisper. She looked at me, her eyes begging me to say what she wants to hear.
I shrugged, "I don't know. I tried to get more out of him but he wouldn't say anything."
She nodded and said that it was fine, but I knew she wasn't.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys! Do you think Mia made the right decision telling Katia? What do you think it is?? Okay so a question for you: do you guys like Mia? Someone told me they don't and I wanted to know if you guys do or not. I really like Mia so I guess if you don't, why don't you?? i don't know just curious. Anyway, thank you so much for reading! Love you all! 
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