Quotes added on Wednesday, May 1 2013

I wish i was strong enough
to lift not one but both us
Someday i will be strong enough
to lift not one but both of us
This quote does not exist.
Take things the right way ,and not the wrong
People say I've changed so much. 
Well here's the truth, I grew up.
I stopped letting people push me around all the time.
I learned you can't always be happy.
I accepted reality.
my life=syntax error☯
Just put on a smile, say that your fine & no one will ever know what your trying so hard not to show.. ❤
The only person that can truly make us happy is ourselves.
No one else can make us more whole or complete than we already are. :)

Am I the only one

Who gets really sad when I go onto someones


and see that they haven't been on in months?


This quote does not exist.

*Almost asleep*
*Phone vibrates*

Are you kidding me right

now!? I was comfortable

& almo-- oh it's you ♥

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