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~The 2 things I hear alot on Witty~
1. Yeah, just let that sink in
2. Fave if...

I was working a morning shift at a cafe, serving breakfast, and a mother and her son walk in:

Me: So what will it be?

Mother: Eggs.. He would like eggs..
As of right now, i dont know what he's thinking

Its sucks, you know.
When everything is doing fine then, it crashes again.
And the worst part is,  I really dont want to try and put it all  back together again, but i have to.
"Your life's not that bad."

Holy f.uck you have no clue
how p.issed off I get when I see
or hear that. Like, no. You have no
f.ucking clue how bad someone's 
life is and you get no say in the
matter; especially if you're the one
that made them feel like their life sucks 
in the first place. So shut the f.uck up and 
go get a.nally violated by a cactus,

Yocaleaviyowant .

I'll remember you. I remember everyone that leaves  


Accept what you can't change. Change what you can't accept


               Dear heart,

so there's this guy that you

want me to like but I don't want to, so

can you please stop beating so fact when he comes by.


Be yourself.
Because everyone else is already taken.
Don't assume. You DON'T know me
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