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♪I'm in love with you,and all these little things♪...-1D
Because you
can not tell me that?

You were right, you are not ugly. You are perfect.
Friends: *see camera*
Friends: *pose*

Me: *sees camera*
Me: *dives into bush*

*three hours later*
Me: is it gone?

I'm always left with questions that are best left unasked, words left unsaid, and feelings left unattended to.
"There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in."
~Chris Colfer
Who else loves it,
when your dog slides across tile floor because of their nails?



My signature looks like a whole bunch of words having sexual intercourse.r


If You Constantly Look To The Past
That Is Where You'll Stay,
But If You Look To The Future,
That Is Where You'll Be.
This quote does not exist.
Why can't guys come with instruction manuels? Ugh.
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