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I'm happy now.
And no one.
Not a single person will take that
away from me. 
So there is this 21 year old guy and 18 year old guy. Lets call them Tim, 21, Damion, 18. Tim is 21 years old but is mentally about 16. He isnt brain damaged or mentally handicapped, just... different. He likes girls that are 7 or so years younger then him and just has an immature personality. I am the kind of person to where i can't leave people like this alone. I HAVE to help them. Morally i have to. Damion is my ex boyfriend and i just love hanging out with him because he is my role model and i look up to him. Tim is my so called "project" im working on him and trying to get him to like other girls older then him and im working on him being more mature. He is getting so much better but my parents dont want me to hang out with either of them because Tim is a so called "pedophile" and Damion drinks heavily. Marina a 14 year old FRESHMEN is threatening me to tell my parents that i am in contact with both of them. She has done this before three times and its ruined my life almost. My boyfriend (ex now) cheated on me with her and she has back stabbed me so many times i cant count. She has tried to steal my guys and... sadly is supposed to be my best friend. She recently found out i was in contact with Tim and Damion again and is threatening to tell my parents... agian. After i have a job, a car, and finally texting now. i can't let her do this. I got her to shut her mouth by promising not to talk to him, but it feels like i am being threatening and being scared into submission by a f/cking FRESHMEN. i dont want to live my life looking over my shoulder when i hang out with them and watching what i say around her... what the hell do i doo??????????
Ohh look..
Its my Birthdaay.
This one is not mine but I still feel this is hilarious. 

The year is 2060. iPhone 842 is released. The screen touches you.
Obviously, I'm still single coz I'm too sexy for everyone.

Xx not mine but I agree xx
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

I see it clearer in the rearview mirror
than I ever did looking out over the hood.
Yeah man, we had some damn good times;
and I sure hope everybody's doing good.


sunday may 5th
heaven gained a wonderful angel
who i am proud to call my mother
love you.

under my eyes are gucci.



S o m e t i m e s y o u n e e d t o l e t g o,
because you won't
find the right
l e t g o o f
sometimes she doesn't even understand herself
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