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oh my gosh, 76 notifications all from xXsilentXx
:') i feel special:)
There should be tiny little tracking stickers
for your keys and hairbrushes and stuff.
I don't even think I can express this feeling.  I love you so much. Where are you right now when I need you.  You said you'd never leave. But you do leave, and you come back like it's okay. But you left when I needed you most. 
Where does this leave us?
They tell you that you have a choice. But what if the choice is really hard. What if it's between love. Old love, and the love you have now.
What if you're scared of losing the one person that held you together, or the one person that showed you true love?
This is me. This is my story.
Witty, needs an app to get me through my days 
They always said he wasn't good for me..
Little do they know he is keeping me

I lay down
Untill the craving
for you wakes me up...
“I wish you would understand everything that has happened, maybe someday you will”
No Mom I will never understand why you left me, why you never came back, why you hate me, why you couldn’t stop doing drugs for the sake of your kids, why you won’t get help, yeah I guess I will never understand huh
i dont really wanna be dead.
i just dont think i want to be alive either.
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