Quotes added on Wednesday, May 8 2013

It feels like my heart stopped beating when you walked away...
After massive heartbreaks.. and duchebag guys.. i finally have an amazing boyfriend. I couldnt be any happier than i am right now
I swear im not goin to be able to sleep for the next week im so freakin happy <3
Iron man 3 is frikken' awesome!!
im soo tired of being ignored
im soo tired of tryen
im soo tired of being lonely
im soo tired of being hurt :/
Difference Between Society And I

Society: I went shopping yesterday at Forever 21, Victoria Secrets, Spencers and went to MacDonalds.
Me: I went shopping at Value Village, Target, Dollar Store and went home. 

"People often say to enjoy and use life full
make it useful and bring joy in."

~ Anuj Somany
"When get more TIRED of efforts,
get then more of efforts TRIED."

~ Anuj Somany
I've had numerous thoughts of suicide... Killing myself to make others happy.
The only thing that stops me, isn't fear.
But the thought of, "I'm to much of a b*tch to give anyone that satisfaction."
Do me a favor ,
Save that sh//t .

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