Quotes added on Wednesday, May 8 2013

Getting shampoo in your eye is one of the worst pains ever. The worst is still stepping on a lego
My word against the world, and people still wonder why I rather keep to myself?
Duh, idiots talk a lot of b.s. and the world is filled with morons to believe everything that they say.

If You Want It I Got It, I Got It Everyday
You Can Get Whatever You Need From Me
Stay By Your Side, I'll Never Leave You
And I Ain't Going Nowhere 'Cause You're A Keeper
- Ariana Grande

I am not unhappy, sad, nor depressed.

I am simply numb.


"WoW" received from strangers on one's own created idea only means
" Wealth Of World" and "Word Of Wisdom".

~Anuj Somany
Is it wrong if I just:
This is me crying for help!

World: *still moving forward*
Being human is tiring...

I'm new here, so follow for a follow?
This quote does not exist.
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