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He's a player. . .

 Quarterback to be exact. 



Well loves,
Witty is quite depressing tonight,
So instead of cheering it up
I'm going to Skype!
I hope tomorrow everyone has a better day :)
Maybe when i'm gone you'll finally care.
He promised me he would go with me to see my birth-parents when i went.............. where is he now? </3
Did i say something stupid, there goes one more mistake.
Do i bore you with my problems, is that why you turn away?
do you know how hard i try to become what you want me to be?
Take me this is all that i've got, this is all that i'm not, all that i'll ever be.
at age 5, she wants to be a ballerina.
at age 8, she wants to be an astronaut.
at age 10, she wants to be a teacher.
at age 13, she wants to be a doctor.
at age 16, she wants to be dead.
I recommend reading anotherworld's quotes. truly a genius writer. If you liked the hunger games, the program, or Divergent you will most likely love this!!!!
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