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I do try.... And for days, seconds, weeks it is enough. But then people make a comment or 'joke' around and BAM I'm to back where I started; yelling at the wolrd, hurting MYSELF instead of others..... People often don't realize what affect they have on others, how  
m a l l e b l e  everything is. It hurts so so much to get up and and not break down , to look at people everyday who are smiling and enjoying life, while I am just standing alone here in the cold again. I just want to happy, content, peaceful, normal, you know? But I just can't seem to be enough I guess- I can't ever  be enough..... I am breaking inside I am screaming out and just nothing, no one here to help.

(Sorry Just wanted to rant)

Of course I'm in shape!

Round is a shape..
The moment when things suddenly become okay. [❤]
If being sane is thinking there's

something wrong with being different

I'd rather be completely f/cking mental.
I don't like
depending on people
because people
all the time.
Because at the end of the day
all you have is
and that has to be

Roses are red

Violets are red.. Tulips are red..
Bushes are red.. Trees are red..

This quote does not exist.

What comes easy won't last.

What lasts won't come easy.
If you treat someone with less respect and manner because of their race than I have no respect for you whatsoever and I hope karma gets you bad.
I'm so done with my friends.
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