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I am in love with the way that you look, 
when you think that no one is looking. 
It's beautiful.
The waves lapping at the shore are just noisy and yet quiet enough to sooth you. To calm you completely with the occaisonal spray of mist. Just knowing you're a small creature along many others in the vast ecosystem. The smell of the salt water trailing up with the wind rustling your hair. Knowing the chaotic order just under the surface can be sent into hiding -as if it was never there in the first place- with just a single motion. How the variety of color, creatures, and beauty make it almost surreal. The foam that forms when the waves crest and crash into you, on the shore, into rocks. The sand in between your toes. The rocks of all shapes, colors, sizes, types, patterns. The birds flying over head.
The ocean is beautiful.
Big, vast, open, and beautiful.
They judge me before
they even know me.
This quote does not exist.
you know, i could probably have a bunch of other guys..
but none of them even begin to compare to the one i have now.
not even in the least.
i hope he never goes away.
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Look up.
What do you see?
All different things? Well true. At night it's dark. In the day it's light. But there's more to it than that.
In the day, the sun shines. It's a gold halo that forms around the earth to crown us all. For we all have good in us don't we? The sky is a brilliant blue that shines with a magnificance no one can describe with words but rather with strokes of a brush. The birds fly over head as tiny specks. A single fish in the ocean above us. All the clouds with their white bodies forming shapes that we can or cannot relate to. The daylight sky is most like the water.
At night, the moon shows its face. It's pale face looking down on us. The light shining through the darkness. Lighting our path. For we all are in the dark at times. Are we not? We all need a light to guide us. Do we not? The sky is a dark, mysterious blanket that covers us as we sleep. As we rest with the stars all twinkling down at us. Like many angels blinking as they watch over us. The sky envelopes the world like a mother. Protective without being restrictive. The clouds covering the stars periodically. Reminding us of our freedoms and safety. The night sky is most like a tent sheltering us from the storm.
a simple, four-letter word with one hell of a meaning
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This quote does not exist.
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