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hey guys!

so im kinda new to this, but im just here to say, 
if you ever need me, im here. 

I give advice to the best of my ability.
If you need anything ever, please visit my profile!

thanks xx
(and sorry for any spam) 


who are you to tell me who to be?

you're never gonna love me, so what's the use?
what's the point of playing a game you're gonna lose?

Oh I know that I am here And you are there but we still have our love We move just like the moon and sun The sun comes up the moon rolls down A world apart but they don't make a sound They know their love spins us round.
#My life
There's like seven billion people in this world and I only have four friends. lame.
This quote does not exist.
glitter is always
an option 
It's Not Just Music,
It's My Escape.
Everybody wants happiness
No one wants pain
but you can't have a rainbow
without a little rain...
I believe in music the same way that some people believe in fairytales.
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