Quotes added on Monday, May 27 2013

Why is everyone getting mad at me today?? What'd I do wrong??
I did everyrhing needed.
I was screamed at, hit, cursed.
What'd I do?

Me: I need to lose some weight.
Me: I think I'll go on a walk.
Me: *Walks to McDonalds*
me: always look on the positive side of things!
me: *falls down 62 flights of stairs*
me: sh/t i got down those stairs fast!

Do Re Mi Fa So D O N E with this 

This quote does not exist.
Theres always that one kid in your class who pretends to know everything and gives all the wrong answers to every single question

          so tonight;
                        kiss me like  it's                 do or die"           and 
                                                         TAKE ME TO THE OTHER SIDE« 

Normal girls going on a date at a restaurant:
Girl: *Takes a few bites, dabs face with napkin repeatedly, then pushes away plate with almost all food left on plate*
Wow, that was so good! I enjoyed coming tonight.
Me: *Inhales all of Europe, China, and Africa, drinks Niagra Falls, and smiles at the guy with a mouthful of food* Oh, I almost forgot my manners. Excuse me. *Wipes face with napkin* I still want more food. Got any more food?

Copy and past yourself into my bed.

When i look into your eyes, i catch a glimpse of heaven.

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