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The way drugaddicts look at dope, is the same way i look at chicken ; u ;
Lately I haven't felt right.
I feel so incredibly alone.
All I want is someone to be there and to care.
But no one does.
I can't go to anyone to cry
and I can't share my good days with anyone.
I have no one.
I've lost everyone.
Lately, I've felt like I'm losing myself, too.


Wishing it wasn't over

but knowing it is.
My lack of self-esteem
gets in the way of so much 
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I hate that things change.
I hate that things happen.
I hate the unknown of the future.
I wish I could stop it all.
I wish I could freeze time,
if not just for a moment.
I'd be able to catch my breathe,
and stop the spinning in my head.
Sort what needs to be sorted,
toss what needs to be tossed,
and hold on to what needs to be held.
People on witty: I just got 1,000 followers, I would like to thank each and every...
Everyone else: Oh my god, who the he
II cares?
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