Quotes added on Thursday, May 30 2013

at school everyone complains a lot because they just want it to be over, but i'm the awkwad girl who sits there not saying anything because she legitimately hates it because it gives her depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and self-esteem issues.

this ain't nothing but
a goodbye town;
to hell if I'm sticking around.

Some ignorant person: "He's a terrorist in prison!"

Me: "You spelled suspect in custody wrong."

This quote does not exist.

i just don't like Acacia Brinley. 

This quote does not exist.
How come it's "cute" and "trendy"
to wear a bandeau as a shirt,
but if someone wears a bra
as a shirt, it's "sl.utty" and
you're a "wh.ore"?
They're basically the same.

I'm tired. 
I'm worn.
I'm tired.
I'm worn.
I'm tired.
I'm really tired,
very tired, 
extremely tired,
especially worn,
and very very tired.

oh, she'll just find me in my dreams anyway

late witty nights during summer >>
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