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I don't  think you 
should waste your time
on me. Soon I will be 
gone anyway.

Fav this if your a Slytherin

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That One Friend

That you can talk to for any reason or issue and she/he 

will understand.

That would be the one to drop out of the popular group to

be with you.

That would be a theripst to you if you needed one.

That could get you out of a bad habit.

That would take you in if your parents kicked you out or

you lost your house.

That one friend that would run with you forever.

That one friend that would tell you everyday to be yourself

and noone else.

That would save your life from suicide.

That will help you get through any moment no matter what

your apperance is.

That would be your personal fashion designer. 

That would introduce you to our generation.

That would run 100 miles to keep you alive.

That would share their lunch if no one else would.

That would talk you out of something bad.

That would stand up for you.

That person would be YOU.

I believe in hate at first site.
When stupid people do stupid things:
how much i wish
Return if possible


That one teacher who you are pretty sure is a pedophile.



FML Moments #72
You do all the work in a group project and the other people claim all the credit.
When someone died in highschool, there would be two or three people gossiping. When you have a pack of gum, the whole f├╣cking school knows and will find you.
 I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had.
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