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The scariest thought
is that you might
not be in my future.


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All I know is we said hello,
and your eyes looked like

coming home.

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I love you for giving your heart to me,
and trusting me with your pride.
I love you for wanting me,
and needing me by your side.

I love you for the emotions
I never knew I had.
I love you for making me smile
whenever I'm sad.

I love you for your thought of me
whenever I'm on your mind.
I love you for being the part of me
I'd never thought I'd find.

I love you for the way you are
and for how you make me feel.
But most of all, I love you
'cuz I know you're mine for real.
And I can't breathe without you
But I have to
-Taylor Swift


I am not deppressed. 
I can still smile at pretty things.
And laugh when jokes are funny.
I can still talk to people.
And enjoy nice days.

But when I go inside,
When I am alone, 
There is something broken.
And I fall into a sadness so sweet
That it engulfs me. 
I look in the mirror.
And I don't like what I see.
And the tears always fall
When I'm falling asleep.
And I miss something,
That doesn't exist.

I am not depressed.
I've just been sad for a while.
But I can still find the light.
I can still smile.


Reseach shows that in 100% of cases, when someone says 'Oh no she didn't!', she in fact, did
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Meet me there tonight,
AND LET ME KNOW THAT            

it's not all in my mind.

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I wish there was a rollover plan for the childhood naps I refused to take

She's always heard



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