Quotes added on Sunday, June 9 2013

when i go shoping with my dad
dad: listen...when we enter this store                        

dont touch anythin

dont ask for anythin

dont look at antyhin
                  cause you aint gettin anythin
Summer break is the only time when I can read and internet without having to worry about grades,homework , and school in the morning
*repeatedly punches air*
I remember that dreadful night, The night you decided to leave me. You left me red roses, Their thorns pricked my heart: My heart started bleeding, Blood the darkest shade of betrayal. Their petals started to fall: My glossy eyes begin to leak pain, Pain that was wild and true. Their leaves where dark and small: Dark and small like the corner I cried in, Crying and hiding from you. All together, a rose is beautiful, You told me I was beautiful, And that you loved me. Giving me roses as you left. Why did you leave me?
Bullets soar through my veins
Blood drips from my fingers
A lift of the hand
A bullet straight through your heart
Arrows fly through my mind
Secrets spill from my mouth
A simple knowing of me
An arrow straight through your soul
Fire glazes my eyes
My eyes turn so dull
A quick glimpse at you
And you're burning inside
Razor blades fill up my ears
Nasty words can't penetrate
If you speak a single word
I'll know where you hide
biggest common lie 101#

im gonna pay you back

If he doesn't make the effort to come to you, then he doesn't deserve you.
true facts that make me want to DIE 101#

a woman sold her daughter for beyoncer ticktes

Stab her 
Stab her
Pierce her skin with words that mean something
Let her blood run like a river
Red dread bed said
I said fix her up with pills that numb you
No pain
Pain cane sane gain
What I gain is the power to control you
Listen to me
Listen to me
Let my words race your heart
Thump clump pump bump
I am the thing that goes bump in the night
Let me scare you
Tear you
Prepare you
Prepare you to live
Come on now breathe
You know pain & you know love
But do you know emptiness?

Black hawks win!


Not all who wander are lost.
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