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Don't pull me into your twister,
I'm already twisted...



I'm going to write a One Direction Fanfinction.

Niall's Crush: Aisling (cookiemonster07)
Liam's Crush: Rachael (RachieRach12)
Louis' girlfriend: someone_newish
Zayn's Crush: Victoria (Tori10176)
Zayn's Bestfriend: Jordan (jordismiles)
Harry's Sister: Taylar (KeepFighting)
Mean Girl: I'm just gonna make this one up unless someone wants to volunteer.

So, here are the parts. I'm so sorry if you didn't get in. The first chapter should be up tomorrow. I always notify my characters.  I still need someone_newish name. If you guys have any nicknames I could use that would be great. Also, if you got a part comment on this qoute so I know you saw it.
Thanks. Xx.
A little over a year ago ,
I met a boy that changed my entire life .

When we met I was broken ,
Terrified to love again ,
hesitant to talk to any guy .

But he came in and swept me off my feet .
He showed me I was beautiful ,
and made me feel wanted .

He proved to me that 
not all guys are the same ,
That I could trust him ,
and put everything I had into loving him
and myself .

And now , 
one year and eleven hours later
I can't imagine my life without him .

He made me whole again ,
and I love him 
with all of my heart <3

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I can't erase the memories
and I can't burn the whole place down.

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I wanna know your love story.
Leave it in the comments.

I'll read it, and if you ask, give you the best advice I know.
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Love is like a helicopter taking off in a warzone. You'll never get out

of it alive, and if you do you'll never forget it .

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Now I'm pacing down the hall,
flashback to the night when you said to me,
"Nothing's gonna change, not for me and you."

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God made coke.
God made pepsi.
God made me.
Oh so sexy.
God made rivers.
God made lakes.
God made you.
We all make mistakes.
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