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I hate how people these days have to play so many games just to admit their feelings, it's so annoying! Like grow a pair and tell them! I've told guys how I felt before and they totally reject me and tell me about the girl they're interested in. But if you don't wanna be with me, whatever, at least I know now and can move on with my life instead of dwelling on all the questions I had about whether they were interested or not. They worst that can happen is that they'll just be like "Nah I don't feel that way" and you move on.

Yeah I know, one day I'll have to let it all go,
but I keep it just in case.
I just wish I knew!
I just wish I can remember!
Cause I need to know the facts of what really happen that day
That day you and I had a sleepover...when we were 5

I wish I had to guts to tell you how I feel...

One day, Ill ask you
Just not today...
talking about our future
gets my stomach in a knot
you cant take me down. im not weak anymore
This quote does not exist.
Dear Everyone,
I apologise for having feelings
Its part of my nature if
i get hurt im gonna be mad about t
he knows how much i love sailing, so he told me "i don't know how, i don't know when, but someday we'll go on a date on a sailboat and you can sail us around."
i love him so much, he's the best boyfriend.
(i can only sail in the summer at camp since we don't live near a lake.)
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