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by the way I love you
In Soviet Russa, Pokemon catch you!

 It's True!
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i hate when guys are like "we dont care if you have a thigh gap. we dont know what the big deal is! we still think your'e beautiful."
we dont want a thigh gap to impress you. we want to make OTHER GIRLS jealous.
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Great, because of you cheating and me ending it, you've  now managed to make me look like a f***ing w**e. How dare you, watch your back.
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My mom tells me to simmer down.
So I explain myself.
And she replies with "k".
Really mom. REALLY.???
That is just going to set me off again.!!!!!
Dad: There is suppose to be a severe lightening storm. They want us to unplug all electronics.
Me: NO! *covers laptop protectively*
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