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I'm going to do what I feel is right. I mean I still love you. You should know.
I seriously believe that even when I'm like eighty
I will still check behind the shower curtian
Just in case
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I don't care if you don't like my favourite band.
I understand that we all have different tastes,
and I'm not going to get angry with you for that.
However, please have the maturity to realise
that just because you don't find something enjoyable
doesn't mean that they are untalented or bad.
It doesn't give you the leeway to insult them or me.
Not being music you like doesn't mean that
they don't make 'good' music.
Your view of 'good music' isn't the be-all and end-all.
It's an opinion, not a fact.
My favourite band means something to me,
just as yours does to you.
You spewing hateful lies because
they are not something you like
just makes you look immature and petty.
Live and let live.
Enjoy your favourite artists
and leave everyone else to enjoy theirs.

She'jusone girl

that has cried too much.

Finally her world is crashing

right in front of her eyes.
Nw   s es   n o h i n g    b u t  m b.


A locked door,
a rusty razor,
a towel stained with red.
A folded note
a broken mirror and
a young girl lays there dead.
Their emotions tangle, the room begins to swirl
she was mommy's perfect angel and daddy's little girl.
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but I'm tired of fighting

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That girl I met today, legitly thought that getting a cold lowers your tenperature.
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