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Cool Fact: ''The Titanic II is currently being built and will set sail in 2016."

Cuz it worked out so well the first time...

A true love story
never ends.
I was happy and got a bunch of stuff I wanted then was ridiculed by my family for my beliefs and who I look up to. My family turned on ME for not having an open mind when they don't take the time to understand me. My dad said I'M the one who has no respect. I'm not the one hitting me.
I wasn't hurt? I have a high self-esteem? I was arrogant for telling the truth? NO! I was hurt! I fake confidence and you don't care enough to see it! I wasn't arrogant and have no pride. It's all been killed. I don't feel in control. All I wanna do is die! Just LEAVE ME ALONE! Why'd you hit me anyways!? To make me learn? For my attention? I told you I was done from the start but you made me sit back down. Sorry for telling the truth.
Don't bother trying to hug me or saying you 'love' me after that.
I love
when you
love me
in public
Saturday spent watching movies.
I never lost faith in you.
Destroy what destroys you.

I'm trying to, but destroying yourself is frowned upon.
the one person that you would take a bullet for is usually the one behind the gun.

BUT WHAT'S THE POINT?”                                  

I wrote a story on Wattpad called In Case, and my username is the same, lawlsandalls. Check it out! :)

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