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I don't need a knight in shining armor. A sweet boy in old blue jeans will do jussssst fine(:
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when he asks you out on a date,
but makes it seem like you have a life,
so says, "if you have the time.."
I wish I could find love.
I call this girl my best friend because i've known her for 8+ years.
I saw her true colors saturday night.
((I wanna kill that girl))
You’re beautiful And I can’t pretend that that doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me,

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What if I said no;
what if we never fell in love? 
What if we'd gone slow,
or a little bit faster and broken up?

Would I know this hurt?
Do you know that with all I have left,
in my very last breath,
I will call your name?

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If I could tell you all one thing it would be this:
You're never as broken as you think you are.
Sure, you have a couple of scars, and a couple of bad memories,
but then again
all great heroes do.
What was the highlight of your week?
Nothing pops out

Whose car were you in last?
My '97 Camaro
When is the next time you will kiss someone?
Whenever they kiss me? lolyeahright
What color shirt are you wearing?
How long is your hair?
Are you good looking?
I like to think so, people have called me handsome

Last thing you drank?
Budweiser. it's Father's Day, come on!
Are you happy right now?
Mmmmm yeah, a bit lonely

Where is your phone?
On my desk
What color are your eyes?
Are you left-handed?

What do you dislike currently?
No one at the moment
What are you listening to?
P.O.D. - Higher
If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
I honestly don't know. Someone here with me, I enjoy cuddles
What is your favorite scent?
Noir or Ocean for Men from Bath & Body
Who makes you happiest?
Anyone who makes me smile
When is your birthday?
January 7th
Do you read your horoscope?
Where was the last place you bought something?
Home Depot
Do you bite your nails?
Do you have any expensive jewelery?
How fast have you driven a car?
100+ is all we're saying. Do you know the Autobahn, in Germany?
Have you ever smoked?
What was or is your favorite subject in school?
You hate yourself, don't you?
That's why you hurt others. 
If I was told  I have three wishes one of them would be to live my childhood over.
To not worry as much to have fun.
I  see how selfish how annoying I was back then and I'm SORRY .I'm not saying sorry to that boy that I could not get over or to that girl that  bullyed me but to me.
im saying sorry to me for seeing   what i am now.
I'm sorry i ruined you childhood for not being yourself.
kids be youself  even though you look at yourself now think, think harder where will you be in 10 years?
are you happy with yourself?
get happy :)
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