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You make me feel
so incredible
Smiles. Dares. Laughs. Talks. Jokes. Insiders. Dances. Rides. Songs. Necklace. Tickles. Kisses. Graffitti. Sharpie. Bracelets. Music. Writing. Notes. Stories. Embarrassing accidents. Ball games. Writing names in dirt. Dancing slow to fast songs. Kissing in the rain. Hugs. Bonfires. Trampoline. Singing. Goodnight texts. Good morning texts. Scars. Falling but getting back up. No matter what. 04/03/13. It's crazy.. A year ago. I wouldn't have even thought I'd know you, much less love you. I didn't think you'd know who I was, much less love me.. But that night. When we kissed in the rain, I knew. I knew. I fell hard and fast and head first. But I also fell deep, there's no turning back now.

I think what messes us up the

m o s  i t h a t  w  l  have 

this perfect perfect picture

in our minds of how things

are supposed to be.

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Everyone has their addictions;
              you just so happen to be mine.

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If retards could fly
my friends and I would have wings.

Life isn't always fair; you can't always play by the rules.
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