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That one person that you always want to slap in the face after
everything they say
"it does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop." - confucius

in other news, i got back the photos from my school dance and i may put them up on my profile soonish so that the people who asked/will ask to see them can see them.

why do humans, of all things, need exercise and nutritious foods to live long and attain a healthy lifestyle. why wasn’t the consideration of creations such as video games, internet, and pizza made at the establishment of our species.
My hand in your hair, and yours
on my chest x x x x x x x 
Moments with you are my life's best.

Ok. Whatever floats your boat. But there was no need to be an ašshole
Does anyone else have such strong feelings for someone even though you know that you two cant and probably wont be together and it hurts but at the same time you can't help but simle because that person makes you happy then you ever have been and when you talk to that person you just cant stop smilling and when you're around them you can actually be yourself. I feel like i have this special person in my life for a reason and the fact that my feelings for this person could never be replaced or faded away. It sucks at times because i always imagine us being together but its to hard to be real</3
This quote does not exist.
When you sneeze and hit your head on a counter,desk,or table

“Sometimes people don’t

understand the promises they’re

making when they make them.”

Isaac shot me a look.

“Right, of course.

But you keep the promise


That’s what love is.

Love is keeping the promise


Don’t you believe in true love?”

-The Fault In Our Stars

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