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It won't matter when I'm 38.
hey there.. just a couple of reaons you why shouldn't trash someone's idol in front of them:
1.) there is a 100% chance that their idol has changed them and made them a stronger person and you just saying that puts them down
2.) you shall never call someone's idol ugly because to them no matter how they look, to them, they are the s/ex
est person alive
3.) if their idol is a singer, don't you ever call them an untalented singer because again their is a 100% chance their music has inspired and changed them and they listen to them sing everyday and it makes them happier to be alive
4.) if their idol is an actor don't ever say they cannot act because their idol has made them laugh and cry and you just saying that makes them want to murder you
5.) their idol may be the reason they are still living or the reason they have a smile on their face everyday. they might listen or watch them every night because they go to sleep and you saying that makes you look like a giant as/shole so you're willing to bust on people idols, i suggest you get used to having no friends ok bye
"Take a chill pill…" *takes a chill pill* *takes too many chill pills* *overdoses on chilling* *dies chilling*
Girl In My Class: I'm Ugly Aren't I?
Girl In My Class: My Hair Looks Bad Doesn't It?
Girl In My Class: Oh Dear,I Look Really Bad Don't I?
Girl In My Class: Omg I'm so bad at drawing Aren;t I?
My Bestfriend: Say That One More Time I'll Say Yes
Girl In My Class: But I Look really bad don't I?
My Bestfriend: Shut The f//ck up. I am Going To
Kill You!

I can't even get 1 fave? I suck xD

"omgg be my gay best friend, take me shoppingggg" no how about i steal your credit card and f.uck your brother instead hahaha
I'm not gonna ask you to fúckíng stay. I never really believed that you loved me. Well woah, my guess was right bítch. GO GO GO!!!! HELL IS WAITING FOR YOU.
like a month ago this lady came into my health class and talked about internet safety and she said the government has access to all of our snapchats we send and i was really happy because the government owns probably over 500 pictures of my double chin i dont know what else she said because i fell asleep
They put Obama behind bullet-proof 
glass when he make a speech.
Pfft. That's so judgemental.
Just because he's black doesn't mean
he's going to start shooting people.
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