Quotes added on Monday, July 1 2013

but why would i want to stop the only thing that makes life bearable?

🙋 I have a confession to make, I'm addicted to fan fictions.
your an amazing person not a bad person your funny and sweet and always trying to make people... you should never let her get u down like this.. people who love you wouldnt change you.. be you and only u and the people who matter will stick around... and then the person who is worth getting that tore up for wont make u like that... open your eyes and the people... the girl will be right in front of your face..
See that girl right there? The one you called fat? She's been starving herself and she lsot 30 pounds. The one you called stupid? She has a learning disability. She studies 6 hours a night. The one you called ugly? She spends 3 hours putting make up on each morning. The one you called a baby? You'd be crying too if your mom was dead. The one you just tripped? I think she's abused enough at home. There's a lot more to a person than you think
That awkward moment when...

you have been using witty longer than facebook
and you keep calling 'likes' 'faves'
Here's my shattered hopes, 
i'll throw in my broken dreams for free. 
I hate the world
No one understands me
Hope is all I've got
...... Wait, all hope is gone
That's just wonderful....
I guess I didn't want to hurt you...so I hurt myself instead.
She lays in bed with the blade right next to her as it temps her.
She finally gives in and reaches for it. 
The blade pierces into her skin and she feels relief.
Like she can breathe again. She makes a few more cuts.
Then a few more. Then a few more after that.
She looks down at what she has done and begins to cry.
She looks at the blood and chokes out the only words she can,
"I'm sorry."

2 1/2 weeks clean thrown in the trash. F you head, why do you have to be so against me?
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