Quotes added on Wednesday, July 3 2013

Mom: What does IDK, ILY, and TTYL mean?
Me: I don't know, I love you, talk to you later
Mom: Okay, I'll ask your sister

(true story)
This quote does not exist.
I don't make typos,
I make up new words
y'all should go follow my new account(:


it will be an account for inspiration<3

see althesguy& girlwith their regrets
and wonder why. I wonder why they regret anything. Like yeah I get you've lived a tough life. Maybe you've made a  lot of mistakes. But every mistake you make 
teaches valuable lesson .
I hate when it's bedtime and your
brain is like "You know what we haven't
thought about lately? Demons."


I miss missing you now and then..



what is more deadly

a gun or a thought?
a gun gives you the opportunity

but a thought pulls the trigger.
That awkward moment
when you look up from your phone
and the person you've been following
around the supermarket isn't your mom
personally,                      I am both
f×cked up  x x x x x x x 
AND                                      misunderstood.

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