Quotes added on Friday, July 5 2013

F for Freedom in America
U is for U.S.A.
N is for Nobody can stop us from being obnoxious

things and people that I find really annoying:

• twelvies
• my aunt
• my aunt's cat
• my cousin
people who steal my formats 
• people who whistle
• people being unnecessarily loud
• people who touch my stuff
• people who invade my personal space
• people who take my food without asking
• people trying to talk to me when I'm studying
• people who don't use decent grammar
• people who don't know when to stop
• people who alway think they're right
• people who are close-minded
• people who look down on others for their ethnicity,
  sêxuality, gender, political beliefs, sêx life (or lack thereof),
  occupation (or lack thereof), differing opinions etc.
• people who don't give up their seat for the elderly, disabled or pregnant on public transport
• people who lack basic manners
• people in general.

One simple kiss
During the
Can you just stop being so cute I just
This quote does not exist.
I put my faith in you, so much faith,
and then you just threw it away..
I love how peolpe can have an opinion on Witty and not be chastized or hated for it
said no one ever
love is a lie
a simple disguise
to help the days pass by
and help us not cry
after almost 2 full months of not cutting,

i gave in today.

i took the scissors,

tears streaming down my face.

3 new red, bubbled up lines.

stretching across my wrist.

thats all thats left.

& all i can say is

s o r r y

There it goes again. That heavy feeling in your chest when you don’t feel any desire to speak or move. All you want to do is close your eyes and sleep, because the process of being broken is incredibly exhausting. You attempt your best to make your days fulfilling, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to connect to anyone or anything.


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