Quotes added on Tuesday, July 9 2013

Is it all worth it?
In the end, will I finally
be happy? Or is
this all just a 
waste of time?

            I never thought I'd find a love like this,
          > There's no need to hide that feeling we get.

                Whenever we touch we can't resist,

                    * we go back to our first day,

                          Our first kiss.
I thought I was over you
But I can't seem to let go

get you where you wanna go if you know what i mean
got a ride thats  smoother than a limousine

can you                                                       handle the                      curves?
can you run   all the lights?

if you can baby boy                 then we can go all night


I wish there was an undo button for life.
Sometimes, i wonder if the things he tells me are the same things he told the others.
love is sweet when its new.
but it is sweeter when its true.
I like hitting the 'This will be a gift' button on amazon.. Its like sending a present to myself
I'm back faggots.
Impossibilties in the world
1.you cant count your hair
2.you cant wash your eyes with soap
3.you cant breathe with your toungue out
put your tongue back in 
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