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i'm not trying to be the last unread text message they find when your a.s is wrapped around a tree and i'm not feeling like being on those stupid commericals holding up the text i sent to you cause it was probably like "yo harry styles is mad attractive."

Everything in life is temporary.
So if things are going well, enjoy it because it won't last forever. 
And if things are going badly, don't worry. It can't last forever either. 
This quote does not exist.
Rebecca Black; 7am, waking up in the morning
me; Rebecca how do you do it?
As we grow up we don't lose friends.
We just find out who our true ones are. 

shoutout to zac efron for never
pursing a singing career after he left disney channel

officially sixteen!! (:
He is hundreds of miles away.
We talk, But whenever we aren't, All I can think about is him.
I constantly miss him.
Always thinking of what we could be.
Destiny is for losers.
It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen
instead of making them happen. 
blaire waldorf
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