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I Witty More Than I Tweet 
I Guess Its An Addiction 
My Mom Said "You Have A Problem"
I Said "I Dont Know What You're Talking About"
This quote does not exist.
My body's failing,
I think I've hit the floor,
I cannot feel anything anymore.
I can't remember anything anymore
Dear me..

                   I hate you.
                  You're weak.
                   You deserve the pain.
                You're imperfect.
                You'll never be good enough.
                I hope you die.
I've been put down for way too long,
"You'll never be good enough."
All they told me was "Just give up,
You'll never be good enough."
And now that you don't even care,
I've got you inside the palm of my hand.
You don't really wanna get inside my head,
Let's leave out all our skeletons.
I am madly in love with Luke Brooks <3

Sometimes, you just can't
tell anybody how you really feel
not because you don't know why
not because you don't know your purpose
not because you don't truth them
but because you can't find
the right words to make them
~Those songs that make you wanna get up and dance, or cry for no apparent reason~
The farther backwards you can look, the farther forward you will see.

- W.C.
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