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Thanks to ICarly, I now wish that there was a Build a Bra.. You know? A place where girls can design their own bras and pick different color bra straps and  if they want, they can change them any time they want? 
All you Chloe's, they don't show you love enough.
All you Chloe's, you should know that you're my diamond in the rough.

You're the definition of pathetic...

That little snicker
you do when a quote has 69 favorites


That awkward moment when
some person starts talking to you like they know you and you're just like "who the f/ck.."

Okay ill be your friend and you can most definately pick her over me
It's in his DNA
and he just takes my breath away

When your crush looks at you
and you try to look sexy but end up looking like a pedophile

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