Quotes added on Saturday, July 20 2013

when the guy you like hates you :/



i'm still waiting for the day
 they come up with a pill for perfection
they come up with a pill for people to accept who they are and be happy with it

This quote does not exist.

I may not laugh at everything on the internet, but I do exhale louder and longer than usual

Sometimes the person you really need the most, is the one you didn't think you wanted.



me when I go camping:
 dad: Look adelae a squirrel
me: yeah whatever 
dad: look adelae a bird
me: yeah whatever
dad: look adelae a frog
me: yeah whatever
me: yeah whatever


do you ever wonder why you get mad over
something stupid?
because you try not to let it bother you
but deep down inside its killing you..

I had a boy break myheart

That I never even dated... 


format credit: damnnTaylerx


When you're ex-boyfriend won't leave you alone....



The coffee cup says
"Hot be careful"
obviously, it has never met me


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