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Always know who you are, or they will make you into something you're not.

we're just friends.
I'm everyone else's therapist, but where's mine?
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Get your hand off
my hip, and kiss my lips  
{kiss my lips} kiss me
all over
Are you gonna take that
{Take that risk} 'cause were only getting older
I said kiss my lips, I know you
weren't expecting this tonight  

but baby that's me

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While you're happy with him..
Im sitting here hoping that it all falls apart. 
It doesn't even matter if he breaks your heart.

Just know i'll be the first to respond when it all goes dark.


I should really continue the story I had...
PSH naaaah
This is for the girl that can get down low
The whole club wanna see you go

Eh, shake, shake, like your famous girl
Head back, lay it down like a VEGAS GIRL
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
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