Quotes added on Tuesday, July 23 2013

Feeling things you know you shouldn't feel and having no idea what's really going on in your heart
Dad: *starts talking while I am watching a show*
Me: What? I didn't hear you, I am watching ____
Dad: Oh, what episode are you on?
Me: Um episode 7
Dad: Is that the one where ______ dies?
Imagine if Witty was perfect;
had no glitches and everyone got along.
Like, I don't know what half of the people
on here would do since 90% of the time
they just look for stuff to complain about
and a reason to start a f.ucking cyber-mob.

There I was again tonight,
forcing laughter, faking smiles - same      old    tired    lonely      place...


Out with the old, in with the new.
I'm bord someone inbox me :))!


it really sucks remembering
all the good times 
you had with the people
you used to be friends with...
now you think, 
why did they change? 
I love getting to see you like this. It makes my heart go wild. Wearing your shirt and neclace, my Taken bracelet proudly showing. I'm yours all the way:)

I dont sugar coat sh*t, i'm not willy wonka.
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