Quotes added on Friday, July 26 2013

But I don't wanna say goodbye...
Please wake me up,
nightmares can't be my reality.
before i go bed, i have websites that i have to check before i fall asleep. if i dont check at least one of them i feel like the world i gonna end
i don't know how to deal with what i am feeling...

Dear Anyone with Low Self Esteem,
You're positivley beautiful.I love your freckles on your nose,they bring out the colors in your eyes.Your hair frames your face perfectly.Your laugh is contagious and you will always make me smile.Those scares on your knees?They show me that you've fallen.That sparkle in your eyes when you smile?They show me you picked yourself up.Your smile is drop dead gorgeous,wear it more often.Who gives a crap is you have acne?Who cares if you're overweight or underweight,tall or short,tan or pale,an A cup or a D cup?All that matters is that someone thinks you're beautiful just the way you are and that someone is me.I wish you could love yourself the way I love you,the way your family loves you,the way your friends love you.

I was always told that you'd make me cry. But I'm only crying because

I miss you already...

I love how unrealistic tv shows are.
*watching a show*
Son: Hey mom can I ask you what _________ was like?
Mom: *explains* why son?
Son: Just wondering.
Mom: Alright.

*In real life*
Me: Hey mom, *asks random question*
Mom: Why? What are you gunning for? What is your goal? What are you learning from this?
Me: Mom, it's nothing! I was just wondering.
Mom: No, why do you want to know? What does it matter to you?
Me: *Sigh*
lol I like how people on 
competition shows are always like
"I need this. I want to win."
It's like, no s.hit. Everyone you're
playing against wants it, too. 
They didn't sign up because
they wanted to lose on f.ucking tv.

are the best thing that has ever happened to me
All i want is just to be happy again. And i feel like it's gonna be forever until i am happy. I just wanna know why this had to of happend to me? Why did he like me so much just to end up hurting me and braking me inside. I just wish that i knew if it was all worth it , i know i say that a lot but i feel like it wasn't i mean i don't see how me gettin hurt and having trust issues with guys and everything was all worth this all because of one stupid guy that hurted me in more ways & i'm starting to feel it was all my fault. If i didn't talk to him as much, if i didn't wear tank tops every saturday and my shorts, if i didn't hug him all the time i seen him, if i didn't act like i had a crush on him or maybe if i didn't step foot into his car those nights maybe then none of this would've happened.
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