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just for once,
i want someone to act stupid around me because they like me. i want someone to text me, and be upset if i don't answer after a few minutes. i want someone to think of being with me, and miss me, and want me. i want someone who listens to a song and thinks of me. i want someone to for once just like me.
I've been thinking of you...
 My space
                    in your heart   
                                           is closing up


Happy birthday me!!!! I am 14 officially!!!!!!

I'd rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who  secretly put me down.
The affects of bullying are more than some people are ever aware of: You’re so proud of yourself one minute, then the next you’re sitting alone, crying, wishing you could be back in the moment of happiness again. You try your best at school, home, everything you do, but it isn’t enough. Most of the time you only feel content for a few minutes and then you’re deteriorating. You spend all this time trying to make your life significant, but after you die, everyone will forget about you. Maybe not right away, but soon you’ll just be another person who once walked the earth, struggling like the rest of us. You wake up constantly from nightmares, crying, calling out someone’s name who will never force your door down, wrap their arms around you, shielding you from all the bad you’ve ever imagined. No one is going to wrap their arms around you and shield you. That only happens in fairy tales that were set up to ensure you fail. You get your hopes up on someone who just lets you down. You hope that there is someone out there who will love you, protect you, but there is no such person. There is no such thing as a significant other. There is no other person. There’s only you. How can you count on people when they always leave you? They promise that no matter what they’ll always be there for you; to talk, to cry, to laugh, to be sad and happy, everything. They’re only there for the happy times. If they’re only there half the time, then what’s the point of them being there at all? Happiness will never last as long as we think it will. And if it does, then it isn’t real happiness. Real happiness only stays with us for a few moments in life and then it’s gone and might never come back. You might be provided with fake happiness forever. I don’t need sympathy or happiness. Love or kindheartedness. It’s all nothing to me. I’d rather be trapped in my own little world. Living on some unknown planet where no one will ever find me. Ensnared in some web of depression. All alone on a gloomy, silent, freezing planet with murky waters and deep abyss’ where, if I feel like it, I can untangle myself from the web and crawl over to one of the many abyss’. I’ll look down into the deep, dark hole and just throw myself overboard. Plunging farther and farther down until I no longer feel the pain of living.

redneck twerk team
*hot boys start twerking*
Don't know what I did for him to do this to me. He lead me on. He told me he liked me. He told I was beautiful and I believed him. I like him but he's taken. I don't how I could like him. He has a new girlfriend every week. Oh well. Just me venting.
guys think that as girls our dream is to find the perfect guy
its to eat whatever and whenever we want and never get fat
For once I was happy
But you weren't there for once
To see me
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