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imagine if you called the wrong number and it ended up being a celebrity.
"I don't know who you are, but I will find you, and I will kill you."

Girl's makeup then:
Lipgloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, etc.

Girl's makeup now:
They say that love is forever
Your forever is all that I need
Please stay as long as you need
Can't promise that things won't be broken
But I swear that I will never leave
Please stay forever with me
who needs a relationship when u have food and internet
You are, who you are for a reason. Don't ever change that.
It's night's like these that I miss him the most. The nights he tells me about his bike rides. How he can see every star in the sky from his roof. The nights when his beautiful vulnerability shows. When he actually shows his feelings and doubts. When I can tell he really cares and isn't just lying like the others. It's night's like these that I just wanna lay next to him and talk about nothing while staring at the stars. I miss him so much it hurts.
In 3 years when someone asks how your lovelife is you don't want to have to say
"have you seen titanic?"
"sadder then that"
Chapter 2
Aribella's P.O.V.

Piercing white light blinded me as I struggled to open my eyes. I knew it wasn't the cliché light at the end of the tunnel because I could smell that hospital smell. You know, the one that smells clean, but like old people at the same time? I was in a hospital. My car went off the cliff. That's about all I remember so far.
When my vision came to, I took in my surroundings. The room was a beige color with matching beige furniture. Someone wasn't a very skilled interior decorator.
I laughed. Ouch. I looked down to see my left leg and my right arm both in bright pink casts.
As I tried to sit up, I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I couldn't help it, I screamed bloody murder.
A nurse came rushing in, "Honey will you please calm down? I'll give you something for the pain. Hang on."
She injected something into my IV and after a couple minutes the pain subsided.
"What's wrong with me? Where's my mom? How long have I been here?" I asked frantically.
"Well, you have three bruised ribs, a broken arm and leg, and a mild concussion. Your mother is outside, waiting for you to wake up and you've only been here for a couple of hours. I'll go and get your mother now. Wait just a second." She smiled sympathetically, then left the room.
"Thank you, so much." I replied, even though she had already gone.
A few minutes later my mom came rushing in.
"Aribella! I thought I lost you! Mindy called me saying you drove your car off a cliff! What would make you do such a thing? Honey, she said you were acting very upset this morning, that you've been acting strange. Like you couldn't handle everything. Maybe it is too much pressure for a sixteen year old to deal with..." She looked at me with great concern, eyes brimming with tears.
"Mom, I'm not depressed. Yeah, things get hectic sometimes but I wouldn't ever..hurt myself. Mindy's just evil. She hates me for no reason. I'm fine. I promise." I said, almost crying myself. How could Mindy say that? I'm her best client! I make more than all of her others put together! I was fuming.
"Sweetie, I think it's best that you quit this stuff and we start somewhere new. You can go to school, make friends, forget all of this. Mindy and I found this little town.."
I cut her off, "Mom! I'm one of the most famous people in the world, anywhere I go people will recognize me. Home school is perfectly fine the way it is. I'm already ahead of people my age. I don't care about friends! I have my fans! My wonderful and amazing fans who love me. What's going to happen to them when their idol disappears?! Well?" I'm steaming. Now, I know I'm being disrespectful but she can't honestly think that I would ever give up on my dreams or my fans.
"It's not your decision to make young lady! Mindy has already alerted the media that you had a tragic accident and perished in that car crash. It's already done. I'm sorry, but I'm just worried about you, honey. That's why we're doing this. To give you a shot at a normal life, without the pressures of being famous." She paused, then continued, "We're going to live in a little town called Greystone Bay. You're going to love it. I bought a house on the beach and everything. You start school next week. Oh, and you might have to change what you look like, too! We don't want anyone recognizing you." She sounded so excited, but me I was dying inside.
I started to cry. My fans are going to be so upset..

Okay so, I know this took forever to post but I've been really busy!
How do you think Ari's gonna handle this? What will her fans do? Can she fit in at Greystone Bay? Comment what you think!?
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