Quotes added on Saturday, August 3 2013

You're not trying so why should I?
These streets are filled with memories both perfect and in pain
When wee girls have had more boyfriends than i have sneezed.

I need more followers. :/
I was so good that day.

But I wonder if I'd feel so good if I saw you again?...

Its my birthday hahahahaahahahaaa another year has passed yayyyyyy
I called my friend, Molly, like 10 minutes ago and she didn't answer so I left a ton of dirty pick up lines in her like voicemail. 
I just decided to like play around with my phone so I went to my recent calls anD IT TURNED OUT I DIDN'T CALL MOLLY. I CALLED MY MOM.

Since I am adopted,
if I get a boyfriend ,
I could be dating my brother
and not even realize it.
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