Quotes added on Sunday, August 4 2013

Watching High School Musical 2 with some friends.

Me: Why can't everyone just look like Zac Effron?
Friend: Because life hates us thats why.
Other friend: If I ever meet him, I'm going to put him in a box and keep him as a pet.

Other Friend: What? You know you would too...

Friend: She's not wrong..

This quote does not exist.

I'm my own worst

This quote does not exist.
It's 5:15 am here in the Uk, and the sun has even risen and im wide awake.
Looks like someone's going to be cranky later on today
"I hate perfection. To be perfect is to be unable to improve any further."
Yes, I care way to much about some people. Yes, I have good grades, which makes me a "nerd" to some people. And yes, I have weird friends. But these people I care about to much, I have known for 10+ years. I get good grades because I actually care about my future. And my weird friends? They are some of the best people you will meet in your life. They have helped me a lot. If you don't like me, or my friends, deal with it. Because I will not change my friends, and I sure won't change just to please you.
Me: "Dad, can you throw this away? My garbage is right behind you"
Dad: *throws garbage in hamper*
Lol, thanks dad
The best one is the best one , but the but is the not best one , make the best one if you the best of but one.
Microwaving your ice cream because it's too hard to scoop.
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