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For all it's worth, you meant the world to me.
I remember how her eyes glowed, how her hair smelled and how her hand felt on my leg.

Love yourself first.



There's so many

clothes to buy, organizations to help, movies to see, and

books to read

But there's no money

to do any of this 

When someone hurts
Cry a river,
Build a bridge,

La mujer es la creación mas bella del universo
Normal people: I love it when my boyfriend/girlfriend tells me he/she loves me

Me: I love it when my mircowave tells me when my food is ready.
Is it wrong that I get insanely jealous of cancer people cuz their idols actually go to the hospitals and meet them and say that theyre brave and strong? Why should i be overlooked just because i dont "look sick" whatever the frick that means? just because im suffering at home and doing my IVs myself because insurance wont pay for MY disease, i dont get any credit for being sick. i have been fighting this disease for seven years, and not once have i gotten any special oppurtunities because of it. im not seen as a fighter. im seen as a girl who lies in bed too much. people say: "maybe shes lazy" and maybe i am, but its only because I FEEL LIKE CRAP 90% OF THE TIME; LIKE I CONSTANTLY I HAVE THE FRICKIN FLU. i just want some honor,some badge that the cancer kids get. no one writes fanfics about based off of the girl with lyme disease! they only write about the girl with cancer. sry i just needed to rant. comfort would be helpful. (or a oneshot about niall and the girl with lyme disease...?)
The thought that someone out there Actually loves me Scares me

walk with the dreamers
the believers, the courageous, the cheerful,
the planners, the doers, the successful people with their feet on the ground,

and their heads in the clouds,
and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave with world better
than which you found it. []
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