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So please help me lord, Because I don't feel anything anymore.
harry potter: the chamber of secrets has been opened
me: you bet it has baby
I don't want you to date other people. It may not be enough for you, but I'm trying here so I don't want you to date anybody but me. That's it. Except, I'm scared as hell to want you, but here I am wanting you anyway. And fear means I have something to lose, right? And I don't want to lose you.

     Fatoo many people are
                         [x] [x]         OUT THERE LOOKING FOR THE     RIGHT PERSON,       INSTEAD OF
  trying to be one


"you'll never be good enough"


"i know"


When I was a little kid I used to just lick off the icing on the cupcake oh wait I still do that
you want a perfect girl? buy a barbie

the walls were white. there were no windows. even if there were windows, there would be no point in looking.
the sky outside was perpetually grey. a sunless, muggy, grey. but maybe if lor were here, the sky would be blue.
much like her hauntingly beautiful eyes. and maybe, the room would be painted yellow.
like her hair.
anyone who knew her could've told you how flawless she was.
her ivory skin shone bright in the darkest of places. as did her smile.
and many things around her were dark, damp, dusty.
disguising the demons.
how could she have missed their glowing red eyes for so long?
but the light she brought with her must have been to bright,
because they got to her instead of me.
and i was twice as vulnerable.

if i were to be brutally honest,
i would tell you that even when i found her with her hand wide open,
holding a bottle of unnamed pills,
i would tell you that in that moment, i was more jealous of lor than i'd ever been.
maybe it was because she was dead.
meaning she was numb from the pain that followed so many of us like a shadow everyday.
or maybe it was because in that moment,
her eyes looked more beautiful than mine ever had.

it gets less creepy.
and makes more sense.
please someone give it a try?

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