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If you need help,
i'll come running


When it is summer          

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you think I'm shy and quite but you don't know me and you're dead wrong!
you returned
that i gave you

but this time
didn't come back

please come back

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Dear Dana,

Now I'm confused. I thought I was before but throwing another guy into this mess has just made things so much worse. & To be honestly it was the guy I least expected.. I have liked him a little bit before but only for like a day and never this much. My heads a mess. I don't even know what's going on anymore. I'm tired of being so confused, and being happy one minute and sad the next for no reason. I just want something to be stable. Something that's not going to leave.. I wish you were here though.. honestly to every problem I have your the anwser.. and if you were here everything would be better. Love you so much :*

- xoxo your sister

I'm sorry bro, but not every girl is going to have big b00bs, a round butt, thick thights, flat stomach or a clear face but that doesn't mean she's ugly. Not having those features doesn't make her imperfect nor does having those features make her perfect.
Why don't you stop being so shallow and superficial and just be happy a girl is actually interested in you? She might not be the dream girl you had pictured in your head but stop thinking about your dream girl when you have a girl in reality standing right in front of you.
Sometimes, beauty comes in skinny thighs, beauty comes in a little butt, beauty comes in a little gut and sometimes beauty comes with occasional pimples and scars.
You shouldn't let these things stop you from getting to know her for who she is and not what she looks like. If you can do that, then you'll be able to see something real beautiful,
her heart


Be you're own boss, never let those idiots treat you like nothing.
Witty: Boys are so mean
Witty: I'm so in love
Witty: It's not my fault I'm wittyfamous
Witty: I'm 12 and haven't been kissed yet. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME
Witty: Controversial topic no one knows anything about
Me: For fuc|k's sake
Me: Time to watch more shark week reruns
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