Quotes added on Monday, August 19 2013

you go to school, nothing happens.
you miss one day; 7 fights, tupac came back,
school had a blackout, and beyonce
performed in the cafeteria.


Baby you a song you
make me wanna
roll my windows down
and cruise.
I FINALLY got a job! Did you know that it's really hard finding a job when you have pink hair and a nose pierceing? But I finally got hired, and can get money for medical school!!!
if gas prices were as low as my self esteem the economy would be doing ok

Missing someone you know you shouldn't<<<

Be a warrior,
Not a

Mental scars are just as bad as physical ones.

She sat alone, waiting for someone who never came. Fighting back tears, she gazed towards the door again, hopeful that they'd walk in at any moment. They wouldn't forget her, would they? They promised to help. They wanted to help. Right? She trusted them. Everyone else had brushed her off, told her that she was just lazy, that helping her would be 'too hard'.              They weren't going to give up too, were they? 
Alone, she sat. Her chest felt heavy, disappointment burning in her veins. She knew that she didn't matter to them either. She was forgettable. Insignificant to them, and to everyone else.

Who needs a boyfriend when there's food, Internet, Netflix and sleep
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