Quotes added on Monday, August 19 2013

Life is a gift. Don't wast it.

Did you know sharks swim in there sleep? If they stop swimming they stop breathing.
Ariana Grande is so perfect. She can sing, she can dance, shes so sweet, shes beautiful in every way. I wish I could be as awesome as she is.
Man, if I had a taco right now.. I would smell a color, kiss a unicorn, see an invisible man, touch the sun, and find true love.. Because a taco is a magical food that makes the impossible possible..
Ok so I am trying to find more heavy-metal bands post bands that you love or songs that you love. I will listen to them.
This quote does not exist.
sewing your boyfriend's boxers in your spare time >>> (':

When I'm loud I'm told to be quiet by my teacher, but when I'm quiet a minute later after class the teacher asks me whats wrong

...and I'm just thinking like 


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