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*clears throat*
*Takes a deep breath*
*changes to story-telling voice*

OK. Our family friend has this daughter, she's around 12 or something like that. She's a model student, get's good grades, head of student council, etc. 
So, one day one of her classmates, a boy, comes up to her and calls her some not very nice name. She asks him,
"Do you wanna repeat that?" 
So he does. She knocks him out. But that's not the end of it. The boy's girlfriend or whatever comes up to her and is all 
"OMG why'd you do that?" 
So, she asks, "Would you like me to knock you out too?"
The girl, not believing that she would and what was waiting for her says, "Go ahead if you think you can."
Naturally, BAM! She's on the floor. 
The parents then get a call from the headteacher who tells them. "Your daughter's behaviour today was appalling, and quite unusual to how she behaves normally. Today, she punched a boy, but that's not the problem [the parents were like what?] because she knocked out his friend too."
They were called out to a meeting and all that, and the dad put up the you-shouldn't-have-done-that act.
At home, he was like 'that's my girl'

Yeah... Moral of the story?
There isn't really one. Now the whole class knows that they should mess with the girl, even if she is a good student, it doesn't mean that she's afraid to  do something bad.

I know people change and these things happen
but I remember how it was back then.
Tonight was the night that I fell...
...fell in love with you <3
We're like fire & gasoline
I'm no good for you, you're no good for me
Pick me up and take me like a vitamin 'Cause my body's sweet like sugar venom
because if you keep hope alive it will keep you alive
Going to the beach is very difficult when you hate everything about yourself, I have discovered

I'm  not telling you it's going to be easy,
I'm telling you it's going to be worth it ♥

i cant explain what you do to me you stick in my mind like nothing else i've ever experienced and i like it

She loves him more than
he would ever know.
He loves her more than
he would ever show.

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