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I have someone I like but he thinks of me as a sister. He even calls me little sister so I play along and call him big brother but I would rather call him mine...that may never happen...

Does anyone still go on the
witty chatrooms?




"Dope?" How about "nope."
tired of being what u want me to be.
I want to talk to somebody :$ im tired of being alone, i want a best friend, i want someone to promise to never leave me<3 
Have you ever been so close to something you could taste it and then it was torn away from you?
Positive Post #7: I am good with kids for some really odd reason.



Can we pass a law

that says that if a
movie based off of a book comes out
that those of us who actually read the book get first dibs on movie tickets?



the hardest part of doing drugs is having to face reality when youre sober... things get stressful and you just breakdown you need another line you need another pill you need another sip and you dont even care.
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