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casually failing all my classes, nbd

To be honest,
The Rajsonkar Drama was pretty amusing.
Am I the only one who thinks Careless Whisper is the greatest song ever lol?
Everytime I click, ''Preview Quote,'' and see all the favorites and comments.
Thanks for the hopes up, Steve.
I wonder what
you think when you see me.
This quote does not exist.

Sticks&stones may
ps ychologic a dam age

- n
ot mine


There are three things a guy should want to change about his girl:
Her last name 
Her adress 
and  her point of view of men 

 ~ kid cudi

She feels like she's drowning. Everyone expects so much - too much. She isn't as happy is she looks. She's struggling, crying out for help - but no-one listens. 
It's harder than they think it is - and all she wants is to make them proud of her, but nothing she does is every enough. She tries so hard, but she just can't do it.
"I'm fine!" she says, a bright smile on her face.
Only her pillow, soaked in her pain, her fear and her weakness, knows the truth.

yo so since i'm so bored to death i thought i could be stupid and make an ask.fm.

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